SEO JapanRecently I was able to make a trip to Hawaii and meet with Sergio from the PEK Interactive San Diego office. After two years in Japan it was good to see a team member I speak with on a daily basis but had not seen for awhile. We discussed the changes in the industry and how to help client receive more return in investment for their online campaigns. We were able to meet with two of our Japanese clients there and discuss their online plans over the next year.

Sergio and I were able to meet with Java programming guru Dave Thomas and discuss the latest developments on high performance content management systems. Dave is also an expert Unix administrator so it was great to discuss new database and server setups.

Sergio and I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. SEO Hawaii, Dave Zuls briefly and discuss the similarities and differences of the SEO and web design industry in Hawaii, the mainland and Japan. It was good to meet someone that I see often in the forums and respect. Hopefully we will meet again at one of the search engine or online advertising conferences.SEO Japan

Thank you Hawaii for the great business trip and the aloha spirit we enjoyed.

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